Solar Energy For Air Conditioning

Solar panels are not as rare now as they were about fifteen years ago. It is not uncommon now to see them fixated on the rooftops of houses as you pass them. The solar energy trend has extended itself even to backward cities, and people are making full use of this energy conservation technique. It seems strange to say, but now solar energy can also be used to run air conditioners effectively. This seems like a milestone on its own; the fact that heat can be utilized to provide cooling. This has all been made possible owing to the scientific advancements.

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An area ideal for solar air conditioning is one with large amounts of sunlight seeping through, which is ironic since that would be a space requiring air conditioning anyway. So this all works out. Now there are two varieties of solar air conditioners, solar absorption air conditioner, and the solar desiccant air conditioner. In the solar absorption mechanism, the heat in the room is absorbed, and then used to separate the fluid and the refrigerant. When cooled, the refrigerant is condensed to create cooling in the room. The solar desiccant type absorbs moisture from the air, resulting in cooler and moisture free air.

There are several benefits of investing in a solar air conditioning unit. Firstly, it reduces your energy expenses, and hence the effect of the green house gases is eliminated. So you contribute a step towards a cleaner environment and a better tomorrow. Secondly, you can cut back on your electricity and fuel expenses. Since the appliance runs on solar energy, you wont have to give out high electricity bills due to having the air conditioner running all summer. More and more people are looking towards these electronics, and are finding them beneficial.